Don’t Replace Your Wood Floors, Reclaim Them!

Don’t Replace Your Wood Floors, Reclaim Them!

St. Louis has a major part of America's rich history, which is one of its main draws to history buffs and vintage lovers alike. If you’re living in one of the many historic homes around the Greater St. Louis area, you may be hesitant to replace your wood floors. You know they’re damaged, dingy, and need to be fixed, but it’s a shame to let go of the authentic feel of your home. With Abeln Floor Systems, you don’t need to destroy the historic value of your home in order to have guest-ready wood floors!

Abeln Floor Systems, established in 1984, is way more than your typical flooring company. We’re actually more of a restoration company than just a replace or install company because we take pride in keeping your home’s historic value. Our dedicated reclaimed wood experts are very passionate about historic homes. We understand the needs of these special homes because we live in them too!

Because of our experienced staff, ranging from five years to 32 years in the industry, we can take on job that no one else dares to try. These tricky jobs include historic homes, wet places, difficult replacements, and alternative finishes. If you’re worried the damage in your house is too great, know that we can do entire room with reclaimed wood! We offer exclusive HMAC repair, using reclaimed wood of the same age and species. No one will be able to tell that the fix was done unless you tell them. For specific examples of our reclaimed wood products, click here. We regularly have Plain Sawn White Pine Flooring, Weathered Barn Siding, and Plain Sawn Yellow Pine Flooring in stock and ready to be installed quickly.

There’s a reason so many homeowners around St. Louis trust Abeln Floor Systems for their flooring needs. Please call Jim Abeln at 314-583-0938 to inquire about our current inventory of reclaimed wood. If you need to find a match to your flooring, please email several pictures to along with your contact information. Let’s restore the beauty of your home, while keeping its authentic feel, together!

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About these Photos

Newly installed prefinished 3/4" x 3 1/4" natural red oak strip floorin

Reclaimed yellow pine gymnasium bleacher seats... 

Reclaimed yellow pine gymnasium bleacher seats...

3/4" x 8 3/4" x 16'
long flooring!

Old growth 9" wide southern yellow pine plank flooring reclaimed and remilled from bleacher seating provided by Abeln Floor Systems. The 16 foot lengths of the bleacher material in this kitchen allowed an installation free of butt-joints as preferred by the owner. This material was double grooved, splined and installed in a historic home in Washington, MO. Abeln Floor Systems sanded, lightly stained and applied three coats of oil-based polyurethane finish. The aged appearance is the result of about three years of ambering combined with the somewhat recent age of the material (c. 1955). This batch of flooring contains approximately 20% of "heart pine" content (the highly desirable reddish-brown color from planks milled from the center or "heart" of the tree). Note that this picture, taken in the winter when wood tends to shrink, shows a still-tight installation which is virtually unheard of for any type of wide plank flooring. Part of the reason for this is that reclaimed flooring has an extremely low moisture content which allows for superior stability and freedom from shrinkage.

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