Reclaimed Pine Wood Flooring

When you think of pine trees, you may think of Christmas or scented candles, but what you should be thinking about is new flooring for your home. Pine is actually a fantastic species to use for reclaimed wood flooring. This wood comes from old plank flooring, antique barn siding, gently used lumber, and more. For reclaimed pine flooring in your home, you need to bring in the experts at Abeln Floor Systems. We have been putting these floors in homes all over St. Louis for many years. You can even view past projects that turned out looking great. Let’s make yours next!

Home decor styles change, but one thing always stays the same- hardwood floors look fantastic in any house. If you opt for reclaimed wood installed by us, they are actually quite affordable as well. If you are sick of shampooing your carpets, only to have the stains stay, than it is time for a change. Don’t walk over dingy floors another day, bring in Abeln Floor Systems!

We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in each one of our pine floors we put down. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with practical advice after your floors are in place so you can keep them looking fantastic for as long as possible. When it is time to have them professionally refinished or even repaired, we can come back and handle that as well. Please call Ablen Floor Systems at 314- 583- 0938 today to schedule a free estimate. Your reclaimed pine wood floors are just a phone call away!

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